Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Listen to your inner voice!


Sure it is possible to make som money - on the Question is the Answer - but just sit down and you will explore - and you are your own guru - not having to pay for learning - the Question is the Answer - just sit down and you will find it out!


End Grain: The Question is the Answer

When you ask yourself which path you should take in a project, you have unconsciously pointed out the correct choice.

Woodworking or not.... The Quest the Ans

We are in the future


Our minds being in the future - having lost the past - not being able to be in the nowhere - we also loose the future.

The clapping of one hand

Didn't you guys know that "one hand clapping" has been solved--by Bart Simpson? You might think this is just a joke, but there might be something to be learned here.

From The Simpsons
Season 2, Episode 19: "Dead Putting Society"

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As haunting music plays, Bart and Lisa sit in the lotus position alongside a lake.

Lisa: I want you to shut off the logical part of your mind.
Bart: Okay.
Lisa: Embrace nothingness.
Bart: You got it.
Lisa: Become like an uncarved stone.
Bart: Done.
Lisa: Bart, you're just pretending to know what I'm talking about!
Bart: True.
Lisa: Well, it's very frustrating!
Bart: I'll bet.

Lisa and Bart sit atop of a mountain.

Lisa: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Bart: Piece of cake. [bends fingers and claps palm]
Lisa: No, Bart, it's a 3000-year-old riddle with no answer. It's supposed to clear your mind of conscious thought.
Bart: No answer? Lisa, listen up! [bends fingers and claps palm]

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The Question Is The Answer!

What is meant by that?
You can search on it! Google on it: "the question is the answer"
And you will get about 900 hits.
And you can add Zen and get this in Google: Zen "the question is the answer"
And you will get about 300 hits.

One of them is this one:

And you can read a question:
I have recently read a book on Zen Buddhism and it seems very interesting, but one thing I really can't understand is one question (koan...or something) that goes like:
"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
and I am thinking and thinking and thinking about this, but i can't find the answer.
it's driving me insane, so that's why I am asking here.
Does anyone know the answer to this?
(or at least explain to me what it means)
Thanks so much!
- Anastasia

And you can read an answer:
If anybody "knows" the answer, they certainly can't tell you. I don't know "The Answer" myself, but I suggest that the answer you are trying to get doesn't exist. Not that there isn't an answer, it is just not what you think it is.

To get you started though you have to inquire into this koan as deeply as you can.

What is clapping anyway? Can one hand even clap? What is sound for that matter? What is hearing and what is it that hears? What is this question? What could possibly be an answer to it??

Full concentration on the question is the answer. It is a dharma door, IMO. You have to open it and walk through, not just say 'ooh there's a door'. My break's over though, so I'll be quiet now.