Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The clapping of one hand

Didn't you guys know that "one hand clapping" has been solved--by Bart Simpson? You might think this is just a joke, but there might be something to be learned here.

From The Simpsons
Season 2, Episode 19: "Dead Putting Society"

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As haunting music plays, Bart and Lisa sit in the lotus position alongside a lake.

Lisa: I want you to shut off the logical part of your mind.
Bart: Okay.
Lisa: Embrace nothingness.
Bart: You got it.
Lisa: Become like an uncarved stone.
Bart: Done.
Lisa: Bart, you're just pretending to know what I'm talking about!
Bart: True.
Lisa: Well, it's very frustrating!
Bart: I'll bet.

Lisa and Bart sit atop of a mountain.

Lisa: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Bart: Piece of cake. [bends fingers and claps palm]
Lisa: No, Bart, it's a 3000-year-old riddle with no answer. It's supposed to clear your mind of conscious thought.
Bart: No answer? Lisa, listen up! [bends fingers and claps palm]

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